Xbox 360 disk extract help?

hey i was wondering if there was a way to get all the files off a Xbox 360 Disc and put it on your PC. Just to save time downloading them as my connection is as bad as Asda/Walmart going at 100kb/s

Yeah, use wx360, and it doesn’t use your connection to extract it lol.

Download here.

i tried this but i keep getting this error

Are you opening a .iso or what?

use wxripper:





i am trying to open the ‘Xbox 360’ disk that i put in my PC (GTA4).

Did you look at my method? It’s what you want.

i have a laptop will this still work ?

IF you are able to do the paperclip method.

Google around finding a way to open a laptop disc drive without button.

nae aint working :@

u have little hole on your dvd drive, stick something thin enough in it, and dvd drive will pop open… hole is somewhere near eject button…