Xbox 360 DVD? Not Game?!?

I tried to play a game I have on my Xbox 360 RGH but it says Xbox 360 DVD and every time i press it, it brings me back to Freestyle dash. The disk it not scratches, when i go online I can Play it perfectly… Can someone help please? Thanks (I tried to lunch the disk in the dashboard, Freestyle dash,, but nothing works all brings me back to FSD)

Are you running the latest Dashboard update?

I went to dashlunch and says My Kernal is :2.0.16537.0

BTW... I just got back to modding from about a couple months and I never updated to like 16747, 16767, etc I keeped it like that and it works fine for me then! Don't know why it's not anymore.

Well sometimes these things can be solved by simply updating your Dash to the latest. So my advice would be to update to the latest Kernal and see how that goes.

EDIT: Also, the current version of DashLaunch 3.12 does not support the latest kernal(s) so when you are updating your console, be sure to select the option “include DashLaunch” when using XeBUILD before clicking ‘GenerateUI’.

This will enable you to still have DashLaunch functions, but you will have to manually edit any settings on your PC by editing the launch.ini file. You should only have to alter this when changing plug-ins really but just in case you wanted to change anything else!

Exactly what Troy said. Try 16747 before any others, chances are it will work on that.