Xbox 360 Gamer Picture Pack 2013!

I just made a pack of gamer pictures containing around 1,000 gamer pictures. I’m not sure if it works, but anyone is more than welcome to use them!

Hero’s 2013 GP Pack!

Xbox 360 Dashboard (Original) Gamer-pictures!

1. Drag the file into Horizon.

2. Select “Create Gamer Pic Pack”

3. And save the pack to your device,

Like I said above, I’m not sure if it works, but you can try it for yourself. I’ll also go ahead and make separate packs if this one ends up not working.

Worked for me thanks man!

Thanks dude, i might have to try it later! ^-^

Nice bro that’s cool

Can we have a preview?

It didn’t work for me, but it seemed to work for other members. I’ll be sure to add a preview if I get it to work.

All the gamer pictures inside of the pack are from 2013.

not working for me

Yeah, it does not work.

I updated the thread with two new download links. Enjoy!

Hero’s 2013 GP Pack!

Xbox 360 Dashboard (Original) Gamer-pictures!

What kind of gamerpictures are there?

The most recent gamer pictures.

how did u get all the 2013 gamer pics?

Much appreciated Hero

No problem :smile:

I’ll be updating this thread when a new pack comes out.

Very nice, I’ve created some custom images for avatars on websites & a bunch of people would like me to make them gamerpics for Xbox 360. How can switch them from PC to Xbox 360?

U cant, if u could alot of ppl would have gamer pics of d***s and stuff.

Anyone have the Air Force gamer pictures from the Military packs?

Looks good