Xbox 360 GPD Library




[GPD Library - Made by Mocha](


I was pretty bored today so I decided to make some use out of the 700+ GPD's I had sitting in a folder. I'll be adding an upload feature soon.

To download a GPD, either click on the name itself or just click download.

Should I make a desktop version?

Nicely done.


Looks nicely put together.

Maybe add a “Sort By:” feature.

Or a search feature :stuck_out_tongue: .

Yeah make a desktop widget

The race is still on :wink:

GPD Library

alright this may seem stupid to ask but what can i do with these GDP’s? Sorry im sorta a noobie at some stuff like this.

I Win,
GPD Creator.rar

FYI you should store the names with base64 encoding.


And how did you know i didn’t store them as a base64 string?

What this guy said.

I’m still learning as I go and I was wondering the same thing. What do these GPD’s do and how do you use them?


Put WaW in?

You can use GPDs to add games you do not own to your profile and unlock achievements/avatar awards from them.


Don’t tell them that or they won’t buy diamond. :wink:

Can you unlock achievements for games you do own & have played and are already in your profile by using that games GPD?

Is there a link/info you can point me to?

Thanks man - Appreciate it.

Thanks man … but is it just me or the Search isn’t working? After hitting submit query – it doesn’t bring up a result.

nice work

not 1 link is up in this thread

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