Xbox 360 Inventory Editor?

Is there one that works properly? All I’ve been able to find are apps that are poorly made and can’t dynamically support saves. Is there any information on the save format out there?

Have you tried this one?|-dl-|-mediafire-|-xbox360.html

Is minecraft easier on xbox360?

To mod or play?


Both no.

But i enjoy playing the console version because a lot more of my friends play it.

+1 to this

Modding isnt NEARLY as extensive on MCX360 as is usually the case with cross platform games, but the gameplay IMO is easier. Like Boltz said most of my friends play on xbox because a lot of people that didnt know about the computer version picked it up anyway. I have friends that didnt even know MC was from the computer…

You should pick it up for sure, tons of fun for 1600MSP even in its current 1.6.6(i believe) state. once 1.7.3 is rolled out it will be even better. After the update to 1.8.2 they are going straight to alpha. It will only keep getting better :smile:

I’m sure he has, that one sucks IMO.

It gets the job done. That’s all that matters to me.

[Release] Minecraft XBLA Editor

Same one i posted, man.


D*ck -.- Was just saying it was the same thing so why post it again?

Hey guys, I appreciate the help but that editor is what I was talking about. It’s poorly coded and refuses to load anything I’ve given it. In addition, the developers appear to not care about it, and its closed source. I would gladly patch it myself, but they’ve obfuscated it and hidden the source.

I found a great PC editor called INVedit ([1.2.4] INVedit - Minecraft Inventory Editor - Minecraft Forum) but it appears to only work with version 1.2.5 (not our beta) on the PC. Maybe we should try and build an Xbox 360 version of this editor? Unless someone can find older PC version editors that match the current Xbox 360 version.

I am not trying to advertise but i seen this on youtube.

360Revolution all in one Xbox 360 modding tool

This one throws errors for me but if I just hit continue and then rehash and resign everything works fine.

Use 360revolution’s works 100%