[XBOX 360] Just Dance 2016 Save Editor

Just Dance 2016 Save Editor for the Xbox 360.
Credit goes to the folks at XPGamesaves

Features: Edit Mojo Points Value

Source - http://www.xpgamesaves.com/files/file/5637-team-xpg-360revolutionjust-dance%C2%AE-2016-save-editor-01/

Download - https://www.mediafire.com/?g11mym0b3hp130b

virus total m8

yea and i dont remember XPGamesaves using mediafire( think they had an internal download thing

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Well if thats the case he saved you time having to create an account before you can download.


"27/53 Very gen -virustotal”

just wondering, why ould somebody want a just dance save editor any ways?

For the same reason you are able to post this. People buy games, gets bored when they realizes they suck, looks for a way to complete said game without putting any effort into it, cheats, haves fun for 10 minutes, gets bored again, buys new game.