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Injecting Rooted Files Tut:

Open Me

This is a mod pack I made for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 Platform. This will allow you to easily start building with a preset of 64 items in each chest with a total of.4 chests per item which is a total of 13824 copies per item listed below. Enjoy as I will be updating the gamesave frequently so if you would like something to be added comment below.


[details=Open Me]

Diamond Tools, Gold Tools, Stone, Cobblestone, Wood, Glass, Torch, Redstone, Glowstone, Brick, Grass, Water, Lava, TNT, Rail & Minecart



[details=Open Me]
What’s new in v1.1:

Crafting Table, Furnace, Diamond Block, Diamond Equipment, Gold Block, Gold Equipment, Bedrock, Obsidian, Iron Door, Wooden Door & Bed.



Open Me

Special Thanks to PragmaticTax for helping me accomplish this in such little time.

What’s New?
Chests are now in a Bedrock Warehouse which makes it Creeper Proof
Increased the land size
Added Piston, Sticky Piston, Monster Spawner, Wooden & Stone Pressure Plate, Button, Redstone Repeater & Portal



Open Me

In this update you get God Mode & a Button to open the Iron Doors to the
Bedrock Warehouse.
Inside there you will find these new items:
Lever, Ladder, Powered Rail, Minecart Chest, Ice, Snow, Sand, Flint & Steel & Wool - White, Black, Green, Red, Cyan & Blue.



[details=Open Me]


Change Log:
Fixed extreme file size glitch
Converted Gold & Diamond Tools chests to a Tool Chest and a Armor / Sword Chest 1st Floor
Replaced Glowstone Stairs with Cobblestone stairs
Added Full File and a Rooted File (Optional) for download
Added 3rd Floor
Added Dispenser in Tool Chest
Added all types of Tools into Tool Chest
Added all types of Armor and Swords into Armor / Sword Chest
Added Iron Block Chest 1st Floor
Added Redstone Torch Chest 2nd Floor
Added the following chests to 3rd Floor:
Fence, Farmland, Wheat Seed, Sugar Cane, Chicken Egg, Bone Meal, Bucket, Sapling,
Boat & Fishing Rod[/details]

What seed is this on? Have you done any mining or building in the world already or did you just add the chests with items?

I did the mining / building myself it was actually full of mountains and water prior

Could you throw in some Obsidian, Diamond, Gold Ingots, Iron Ingots, and some Bead Rock please? that would be excellent.

I will add that to my next update just making a list of what others want me to put in there too.

Can you add a bunch of Moss Stone please? Thanks

Love the grass, no more looking for dirt :smile:

and whats up with the lake, how can you fix that

Yeah, whats the status on this save?

ill take that into consideration

Could you throw in some Obsidian, Diamond, Gold Ingots, Iron Ingots, and some Bead Rock please? that would be excellent.

Did you not read his post directly under mine telling me he would take care of my request while you were coping and pasting my post?

lol Lazy ass:lol:

wtf are u talking about

cool man! thanks for sharing this :smile:

I will stick with mine tho, cuz I like the mining and ****

Thanks and I will be fixing the Lake on my next update

V1.1 is out right now!!!

thanks and ok kool

Well i already started building, so fixing the lake in the next update would mean a new save and me having to start over :cry:

whats ur Gt ill help u right now

WTF is bead rock?

I would like to see the following stuff in the next update:
-Wooden Planks
-Stone Slab
-Wooden Plank Slab
-Grass and Leaves

lmfao I think he meant to say Bed Rock

Glass, Brick & Grass are already in there. I think stone is in there too. The rest don’t exactly seem like they need to be put in for a boost on building. But I will look into it.

Can you put some different colored wool in the next update then?