Xbox 360 N64 Emulator for jtag

Hi guys I just wanted to know if there is one, I heard that there is, its just under development, that would be sick if somebody could point me in the right direction :smile:

im not to sure ill talk to my buddy and see whats up?

O I would use that O_o

I wanna buy a jtag just for that…haha

dude, a N64 emulator, i’d buy a jtag just for that, i hate configuring the contols on the pc, if only they had a sega dreamcast emulator…

yo cheater is there one ??? I would love one, I mean who does not want to play star fox and super mario world on there jtag??

The one that was being developed was called Love364. Unfortunately the developer of it has stopped working on it due to personal issues in his life. I believe he released his source to a select few. Who knows if anyone of them will continue with the project or if he will come back to the scene to finish it. Hopefully he does because it was something that I was really anticipating.