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Xbox 360 need more people to play with

im really looking for someone who has halo combat evolved anniversary I like playing co op campaign its the original halo story remasterd for 360 and co op play available online but the game is not downloadable so I have to find someone out there who also has the disc like me besides that game I mostly play racing games
games I like to play most often
halo ce anniversary
forza horizon (the first one I have horizon 2 for 360 alsobut I like the first one the most#secret cars)
grid 2 (I need people to drift with almost no one likes drifting #its to hard #then learn to drive)
I think that’s about it ive probly forgotten some stuff but oh well
my gamer tag is press 912 sbr send me a message with the friend request mentioning that your resonding to the need people to play with