Xbox 360 RGH problem!

1)When i am TU on one game(ex.Minecraft) I dont get new features and other stuffs on that game(i even dont have creative mode) but thats for all games on my Xbox,i download all TU and still everything is in old,how to fix??
2)I have LiNK problem,on connecting everything passes(even ports) but when i want to play on multiplayer(system link) i cant i mean i really cant ex. on cod ghosts it says unable to connect to host,on diablo 3 i cant even find avaliable hosts when i am connected to room on system link,how to fixx???

THank you for reading and for helping!
(sorry for my grammar and typing)

  1. search Google for xbox content manager. Download that. Now search for the latest TU on the games you want. Download them. Now connect content manager to your RGH. That will put the TU’s in the correct folder and update your games.

2)i can’t really remember how to fix this issue. Hopefully someone else can help.

Hopefully the link below will solve your second problem…

It’s a Tutorial Video but it will go into detail about ‘Troubleshooting’.

1)Can you please give me link how it looks that what to do i don’t really know I’m new Xbox user so I am tottaly n00b :anguished:

I’ll try,thanks!

Just YouTube how to use it

OK ill try problem is that i have Ubuntu OS

actually i cant,too bad :anguished:

Anyone else?

Isn’t there a VM inside ubuntu? I think it’s called wine or something.

Yes it is but it can’t opening :anguished: