Xbox Achievements Without Snapping?

So ever since the new dashboard update i can only seem to snap my achievements instead clicking it and looking at them all and seeing the challenges as well.
Kind of annoying if you ask me because i am getting some for Smite (Since the Solar Flare Update) and i still say 49 when i know there is more and is also annoying because it is tracking the new achievements, just the previous old ones.
Is there a way to do this?

Ahmmm… Game Hub? You look at them there

Hmm can you? I checked and it would let me check them there.
I’ll try again and see if i can figure it out.

Yeah, just choose the specific game and open that Game Hub, it tells you all the statistics stuff and achievements there

Have you tried saying “Xbox go to achievements” (if you use Kinect)? I haven’t looked at achievements in ages so I have no idea why it would start snapping now.

Well that kinda worked, but im looking for the old look it use to have where i can see unlocked achievements and locked ones.
But snapping is the only way i can view the locked ones.

I might try this. But im afraid it’s just gonna snap it.
I’ll give details later.