Xbox and horizon not detecting usb data

last night i used my usb to transfer my profile and re5 save between my friends xbox and his pc and then i come home today and plug in the usb to my pc to add some profile mods and it says the device is not connected but is detected by my pc. i have ran the program as admin and in compatibility mode but still unsuccessful. my pc is running windows 7 and his was windows xp. so i dont know if the problem comes from windows 7 or not because i have tried to look at the usb on my laptop(windows 7) and my old pc (windows xp) so if anyone could help it would be appreciated. also i have used this computer before to transfer saves seamlessly without problems but it just started happening where i would lose the saves put on the usb and have to reformat on the xbox with the same results happening again.

Format the usb drive (will erase all of the data), plug it into your xbox 360, configure the usb, plug it back into your computer and run Horizon as admin and see if that works. If you need this more detailed I will gladly help.

thanks it worked!

Glad you got it working! Thanks FeeZ!