Xbox Beta Shirt

MS took it off and wont let me put it back on

…admin shirt? The shirt with the xbox logo is an admin shirt? Orly? How the hell did you do that.

Crap. Im jealous xD

Dang you jake you took my idea lmfao

You’re going to show me how to get that right ? :thumbsup:

i thought of this the first time i seen xbox beta had a avatar award

lol, it’s a avatar award with one of the admin games you can get by adding the GPD and unlocking all the achievements.

no? y dont u try it smart one

its the achivement called xbox beta it has a avatar award dose the game adder have the xbox beta so i could add it?

I soooo want it!

Lol awesome

here is the GPD Xbox 360 Beta --FFFE07FB
Xbox 360 Team --FFFE07FA
Xbox 360 Team --584B07E6
Xbox 360 Inner Cricle --584B07E5

to bad you would never ever figure this out in your life by yourself. so no. he didnt take your idea.

thats nice!

Sir, im gonna have to ask you to calm down and leave the building.


Xbox Ambassador Gamer picture is better than that, imo, but the shirt is cool. Good find.

gets flamesuit on

you do know its just a shirt for a animated character?


Jake is leet haxor.

what is the xbox ambassador gamer picture?