Xbox bo2 online

Can you mod online bo2 with horizon…


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If you wonder what games you can mod, visit this page HERE :smiley:

it is possible however horizon would be used as a midpoint to get the mods available. even if horizon doesn’t support it someone else may have left a save for such mods online

No, just no. You have no idea how modding works.

When it comes to Black ops and Bo2 When you load a save yes it could load mods but they wont go online or to zombies because they load different files but you can mod the story but they go away after a mission because it loads different files.

Never Ever will that be possible you need a Jtag Do not download any Usb mods for bo2 they probaly have viruses because its impossible.

u guys are morons usb mods work perfectly online and I use horizon to load them get ur facts right before speaking

You’re the moron.