Xbox Development Kit arrives with 'significantly reduced price,' Slim

What’s this, you ask? The next generation of Xbox 360 development, that’s what. With a shockingly small amount of fanfare, Microsoft has ushered in a striking new Xbox Development Kit, which is purportedly designed to increase efficiency and reduce cost for Xbox 360 dev teams. Aside from boasting an undisclosed uptick in RAM, built-in flash memory, a more capacious hard drive and a slimmer form factor, this XDK will also be sold at a “significantly reduced price from its predecessor.” 'Course, the folks in Redmond aren’t saying what exactly that sticker will look like, but those interested in taking the plunge regardless will also have the option to license a Sidecar attachment that enables debugging and disc emulation. We’re told that said accessory can be shared among multiple XDK consoles, and in turn, it should lower the overall price to create, test, debug, and release an Xbox 360 or Xbox Live Arcade game. It’s still a guessing game when it comes to an actual launch date, but it’ll become “the standard kit” when new orders are fulfilled in the future.


Lol that image makes it look fat.

Tubby xbox lulz

Thats really cool, I want one!

Hope i can get one!

I want one, how much?

i want!

Last one I saw was going for $2500, without the side car.

Chubby Xbox FTW! :smiley:

Yea does anyone know how much they will be with the “reduced price” lol

EDIT: It looks pretty beast.

There has been a guy on TTG selling these for awhile O_o

He is asking $1300 + S/H

The Tech Game - [Trusted Seller] Xbox+PS3 Development KitsHuge Slim Update!

dibs on the fatty :stuck_out_tongue:

I want one.

Are you ****ing kidding me!? That’s a LOT of money for a damn xbox… Even if it is a XDK/

Here’s what the image should look like. On a side note, when I get about $300 more, I’ll be getting one.

Can’t wait, hopefully I can get a direct buy from MS. I’ve been in contact with them but the *** responded but then never contacted me back.

That’s actually an alright deal compared to the price Microsoft wants.

The guy on TTG that selling them that Braxton linked too told me he was getting them for about $1000. He’s not selling them with the sidecars so I’ll have to find someone who will sell me one.

I want to know where he is finding them? Maybe he is in a deal with Microsoft or something?

Not sure, I sent him a PM asking.

Maybe MS wants him to sell them to us…

Never the less, I’m getting one because it’s basically a Jtag that can record in higher quality than an HD PVR. Not to mention, if I get the sidecar…