Xbox Did it again (False Ban)

I post about to comment being deleted for being false because it said it was vulgar or harrasment or something

BUT i got banned for 2 WEEKS for “Modding my gamerscore” which may i remind you i did not

What i do it play and get most of the Gamerscore offline and then sign in so they all show up at once but i guess i was “Modding” so i got banned

So sure reminder dont get all your gamerscore offline then go online and flood all at once because you will get falsely banned :slight_smile:

You know what i say “■■■■ you xbox” sorry for the language just mad

So yeah ordered all my parts to a new PC and im going full PC and PS4

Nice man :3 If you have ever done something on that acc of modding they can take you on anything of that. So GG.

i know this feeling really well i was not modded on one acc and when it happed i was in the hospitol but xbox wont even talk to me or look at my reles papers from hospitlo to show it could not of been me

Don’t be online when you mod :wink:

■■■■, we have a rat here. Make a list of everyone on this site you have shared your GT with and kill them off one by one.

Thats the thing i never modded the account i have now because i dont want to get banned so sad tho