Xbox exclusive Screamride Gets A New Trailer And A Demo

[/img]If you’re looking forward to Microsoft’s upcoming roller-coaster ‘sim’, ScreamRide, then look no further – Microsoft has released a free demo for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, according to Xbox Wire.

For a new and zany IP, ScreamRide hasn’t had as much hype generated behind it as other recent releases on Microsoft’s platforms. That being said, they’ve released a brand new launch trailer, which you can view below.


Downloaded, started game, played for 3 minutes, quit game, uninstalled.

Did you try engineering? That was my favorite part.

I stopped during the tutorial on how to ride the coaster.

That trailer makes it look like a horrible version of Roller Coaster Tycoon lol

The demo was actually pretty fun, I enjoyed it.

Fantastic game. You cant really compare the to but nonetheless
still wanting a Roller Coaster Tycoon branded Xbox One game :smile: