Xbox freezes after modding a Minecraft Xbox 360 world

Hello! Recently I decided to make an adventure map, but realized it needed some mods so I made a new world just to test out some of the mods, that the oPryze’s NBT editor could offer. I did everything as it should be, modded the savegame.dat file, replaced it, put everything back etc. When I open up Minecraft, everything starts to loads up, but then suddenly the whole xbox freezes. Okay, re-powered on my xbox and tried opening again, BOOM! freezes again. Decided to see, if it is just this world or any other world, opened up another world (not modded one) and everything is just fine, as it should be. Decided to create a new world, did everything as it should be etc. time to open up and guess what! It freezes again! Don’t really know, what is up. I think that something may goes wrong, when I replace the savegame.dat file in Horizon. Is anyone here experienced with Minecraft modding and could, please, help me with this?
Thank you very much! :smile:

Did you add any items that are not available in the xbox edition? And what did you mean by mods?

I didn’t add any items that aren’t available in xbox edition, just jump boost potion and a blindness potion. I reckon it should be possible to have them, since I’ve seen them being added. By mods, I meant testing if inventory modding worked and adding a custom item drop for a villager. Nothing crazy like pc version mods.

Adding unobtainable items through the editor could be the cause for the freezing. But do the game freeze on unmodified saves as well?

The game doesn’t freeze on unmodified saves. They open up perfectly. And I’ve seen potion of blindness as well as stained glass being added to the save and everything running fine. :confused:

I, and a few friends spent hours on end building the best medieval fanstasy world we’d ever built, people came into the world saying the builds were some of the best they’d ever seen, I tried to add a few things…
Long story short, I lost everything, it got corruupted. I think the same happened with you.

I had the same problem, I used Horizon to export the world, I then put it on OPryzelp, and deleted all the player data, as if there were never any people in the world. Worked for me, and now I have my world back.