Xbox gamers are pissed that PC gamers get free Xbox Live

It has too many tweet images to read, so here’s the link.

This is absolutely stupid. Why would PC gamers want to play Xbox Live in the first place, let alone pay for it? We already have Steam, where there’s real sales (none of that 5 year old game that is 5% off BS), cheaper games, free service, and a great community.

Steam has an absolute monopoly and needs competition.

I agree with you steam has the whole market pretty much. Everytime I hear anyone talk about Origin, it’s just laughs and insults. It depends on what is being offered as well to the market on the PC.

I disagree, Steam doesn’t price gouge or anything so there is really no need for another content manager which is all that steam is.

It couldn’t hurt, competition is always better.

Competition for what? It is a content manager… Steam isn’t the only place that sells games for PC. Hell half the pc games I buy are just steam keys from elsewhere. Steam has been around forever and it always will be.

Your whole comment is a bit angry sounding. Don’t get too upset over the feud. You’re making yourself look like one of the 5 year olds you’re referring to.

Xbox has had some pretty decent sales I’ve partaken in.
Steam does not have a great community. Neither Xbox or Steam have good communities.

I apologize if my post sounded angry to you, it was definitely not meant to be perceived that way. I guess all I’m trying to say is that Xbox players shouldn’t be mad about this - (almost) no PC gamers want XBL. We already have have a service that doesn’t screw us over every chance it gets.

I’d say Steam has a good community. Getting free games from random strangers is a kind act, isn’t it? It’s definitely better than getting called homophobic terms every time you try to play a game. I will admit, there are some bad apples out there - especially if you play competitive CS:GO.

I was never referring to any 5 year old people. I was referring to games.

Oh also, I’ll just leave this here

Maybe the reason they are a “monopoly” is because they are a good company that doesn’t screw over its customers (XBL, overpriced hardware, etc) every chance they get. Even saying they are a monopoly is laughable, there are still plenty of other options out there.

i don’t see why pc gamers won’t have to pay for XBL where console users do, and having read some of the comments on that site all of the pc users are saying it’s because they would never stand for it and “we are silly console peasants” as usual it makes me even madder, which is why i prefer consoles due to the fact that most players have a better personality than most pc gamers.

the majority of console users simply can’t afford to pay for a $1000 PC along with having to upgrade it when it can’t handle new games and most don’t like the control system of keyboard and mouse (i game of pc aswell but still use a controller).

$1000 gaming PC? Maybe if you bought it like that. You can easily build that same pc for about $550-$650

I built mine for about $500 and I can play most games on high. Wish I spent the extra cash for a better processor to play on optimal settings but this rig will last me a good 2-3 years before I need to upgrade. Even then, you typically just need to upgrade your graphics card

Xbox live goes toward development of all the xbox features just like PC is supported by paid apps. You can build a PC for close to the price of an xbox one that will run the majority of games you just wont max them out like a $1500 PC. There are several ways to use an xbox controller on PC. The community isn’t any worse or better, I’ve had people that were extremely rude on both platforms.

xbox live’s “special offers” are a joke.

I didn’t even bother to pick up a single game.

But hey, nobody plays this game, lets make it 10% cheaper. Now only 63$. For MW2.

Then don’t play xbox

Wow, why again were you unbanned? Was it because we missed your bull**** comments so much?