Xbox live 12 month game card 36$!

here is the link buy it before its done

Was gonna be like… Damn! I just bought one for $48!

Then it was an eBay link. And I am banned for life on eBay

u could just use this link to un ban your self

lol it’s not that easy, I’ve tried.

Once you’re banned on ebay, you’re banned for good and there’s no way around it

yes there is first make a new account then change your IP if its hard for u to change it download hide my ip try the trail it works really good it got me un banned off forums and more :smile:

Again, it’s not that easy.

I was banned for listing a coffee pot for $600 and then immediately removing the listing (I was just testing something)

I’ve tried making new accounts, changing my IP, changing banking information - nothing has worked.

eBay goes ham with their ban policies, if they find out any account is in any way shape or form linked to a banned one, you’re screwed. They’re incredibly strict. I can’t even appeal my ban and I was just testing how the listing system worked… Banned 4 Lyfe

Not true. Look into The Tor Project. Tor is one of the very few ways to achieve (very close to) complete online anonymity.

I guess that stating changing my IP having no effect was not clear enough?