Xbox live $39.99 Amazon

Hello, I just saw this on Twitter a Xbox Live promotion 12Month only $39.99 just bought 2 of them. Here is the link Enjoy :smile:

Thanks! I expire on the first

Bump for those that haven’t seen this thread.

i jumped on this!! Thanks

And of course this now gets offered, after I’ve already redeemed a year of Xbox LIVE.

Thanks for the heads up Whats Up Jonny!

I came across this a week ago just browsing for Xbox One stuff and bought it. Also I’m not sure but I do know my local gamestop is doing the same offer so I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or Amazon and Gamestop are doing it.

[b][b]Heyy Guys plzz Help Anyone have a 7 Days Or 14 Days I can Use ? plzzz guys i really Wanna Play Heist so bad but i’m out of gold :confused: Plzzz Anyone Anybody can help a Brother Out ? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz