Xbox LIVE Bans for Swastika Black Ops Emblems

The Call of Duty series has been a reliable source of controversy over the last few years, arguably to its favour, but this time nobody’s asking developers or publishers to remove potentially offensive material. Instead, Microsoft have put their foot down over a sudden spate of swastika-themed Black Ops emblems, promising to ban those who transgress.

Xbox LIVE’s Stephen Toulouse has laid down the law on the matter via Twitter, and later his blog. The Director of Policy and Enforcement was asked for clarification by a player wanting to use the symbol, which is most commonly recognised in the Western world as that of Hitler’s Nazi party, as his Black Ops emblem. His reply was to the point:

[QUOTE] “Seriously dude? Yes, you will get banned using a swastika as your Black Ops emblem. I don’t care if you “just like the design”. … Sorry, this isn’t a debate. The number of people offended by the representation of genocide far outweighs the few who see an innocent symbol.”

Despite the finality of the decision, Toulouse has suffered increasing attack from defenders of the swastika, mounting arguments that the symbol has other more positive associations or that the violation of Xbox LIVE’s terms of service is part of their nation’s right to freedom of speech.

Toulouse has since posted an exasperated reply on his personal blog:

"The Xbox LIVE profile and in game content you create is accessible by everyone. You do not have the context inside of it to explain your long winded contrarian view that your pithy text that violates the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct is actually intended to change people’s minds about a commonly held understanding.
It’s not political correctness, it’s fundamental respect. If you think the swastika symbol should be re-evaluated by societies all over the Earth, I think that’s great. Your Xbox LIVE profile or in game logo, which doesn’t have the context to explain your goal, is not the right place to do that.

... If you see offensive symbols in Call of Duty, Black Ops, report them using the in game option and they will be taken care of. If you want to argue that swastikas are actually AWESOME, go to another forum. On Xbox LIVE they are not allowed."

Personally we cannot imagine wanting to sport any particular icon enough to argue so vehemently for it. Your thoughts?[/QUOTE]


Good. You ignorant retards who make these emblems deserved to be banned.

I Completely Agree. It Isn’t Funny At All It’s Immature

idk what to say, but i dont think i should be banned for having one in a way, because in the actual game they have DOZENS on swatikas -_- but i do see the point of not wanting them around…

P.s i got reported for having bunnies humping on a Jamaican flag…

It’s almost sickening people get a giggle out of things like that. Genocide and a global tragedy aren’t something to joke about, especially publicly, then try and justify it.

Wow proves the ignorance of our society and that we will have to censore everything.

Two points, The Nazi party was not the evil Hebrew haters before Hitler took over power

Next, the Swazstika used to represent Churchs on maps in old times…

The Swastika is a stupid an pointless emblem anyway.

Wrong. The Swastika pointing to the right is representation of the Nazi party.
Pointing to the left, Buddhism. I’m asian, some people have the left facing one on bracelets.

Bhudism has nothing to do with my correct statement, they used it to mark churchs on maps. Nothing bhudist about whas I said so WRONG back at you…

its kinda dumb how Treyarch puts a notice about offencive material in the campaign but doesnt for Multiplayer, besides everyone who plays the game should be 17+ anyways its not like every single person playing xboxlive is a person withdrew from the supposed “Arian” race and had to suffer that fate in germany… overall i think we need to have treyarch build a better warning system than this. BTW i give all seriousness to genocide and think its wrong too, i just believe banning people for that symbol is wrong too.

Yes but the current implication of the swastika is for religious notions as Cody stated, and the more common usage was and still is the Nazi Party.

Ok, but he said I was wrong which is ignorant, he could have simply added to what I said, everybody has to gon on thinking one they say is law. What you said is duh

Its not ignorance its common decency…
I don’t know who here lives in the United States but we just had a huge issue of some people building a Mosque near (like a few blocks away) from ground zero, its kinda the same thing.

To make it more understandable to everyone put it like this…
Your parents and or love ones have just been killed by a mass murderer, years later a group build a monument to this murderer, you having faced such horrible experiences from the hand of this person and find it horribly wrong for them to be building that monument.

Its sorta like that, very stupid indeed but that’s how things go, it doesn’t matter if the swastika has had previous meanings, since it becoming the face of Hitler’s party its meaning is the genocide of millions of innocents and it will probably stay that way for hundreds of years after you and I die.


It’s not a competition, neither of you are more so right or wrong. And I was just adding, as you said, instead of saying 'NOU I IS RIGHT"

I’ve been reporting every swastika that I see. :smile: They should start cracking down on all the penises too. Only because of how unoriginal and how un-funny everyone really is.

Edit: Oh God, I forgot about my signature. XD

I have friends *****ing about getting banned for 2 weeks for being stupid, servers them right.

And they deserve there ban.

Having that emblem is sick.

if you get offended by a swastika, you’d better get off the internet very quickly. there are much more offensive things.

That’s not the point.
It’s annoying to see in general.

People like this deserve to be banned. I don’t give a fuc* about what you say, this should not happen.