Xbox Live Dashboard Update is now LIVE! + Connection Issues

According to majornelson the Xbox Live Update that was scheduled, but got delayed a tad, is now rolling out to all 35 million users on the service. “Some Xbox LIVE members are getting a connection error when signing in to LIVE. We are aware of the issue and the team is working it!” -majornelson! There seems to be a minor hiccup with some users not being able to connect to Xbox Live, they are aware of this issue and are working on it. So if you haven’t got your update yet, remain calm and ponder on how cool all those new apps are! For those who were not in the preview program this year for the new dashboard, maybe next year you should attempt to get in to avoid all this update launch day hullabaloo…



Update is kinda cool tbh.

Stopped me in the middle of my reach boosting, GODD*MIT, i wanna connect so bad

This Picture Is pure epicness.

Ridiculous, I just wan’t to play -_- hopefully, the login issues are resolved post haste.

They better hurry, taking the piss now.
I am losing time which could be spent ranking up on Modern Warfare 3!

Exactly what I was trying to do also -_-

I was 11-0-2 with 2 bomb planted on Search & Destroy and it disconnects me for the update… >.<

So many people had this problem in the beta. They should have fixed it

I don’t get it…
I’m on with no problems?

I had 0 problems with the beta.
What the hell?

Not everyone had it but 25% of people did.

i actually like the new update a lot - the grey background is really nice

Finally, it let me connect. It took 10 minutes to scroll the TOS. Lol.
Edit: Well that was short lived, cleared cache, updated Modern Warfare 3 and couldn’t sign in again.

I’m trying to recover my profile as I thought that was the problem before I saw this topic, I can’t even get past 5% of the bar before it tell’s me it’s not currently possible -_-

I had no issues at all…
guess i’m lucky.

May aswell go sleep or something, because you’ll be stuck at that 4 quite awhile as the servers are gonna get swamped with people like you trying to recover, or connect.

Do people In the preview program need to update? Because everyone I know has got the update but I haven’t.

Can’t, sort of, it’s only 4pm for me -_-

same problem, i deleted profile, as this was a suggestion from xbox, now i can’t recover it, stops at about 5 to 10 percent, i keep testing my connection and it stops at xbox live, out of 20 mind f’ing attempts i got it to test the connection all the way through but it said i had a service issue, i went to Xbox Support and all it said was that they are aware of the problem, and to wait an hour before trying to log in again

Your lucky I had it I called support and they said it was going to be fixed soon. It stopped after about 2 weeks

I’m tired of this dump, We got no FOOD… We got no MONEY… ARE XBOX LIVE ISN"T WORKING!!!