Xbox Live forgotten email help?

I used to have the gamertag GODLY ELLiiOT but I got bored of it and changed it, I didn’t want anyone taking the gamertag so I made a silver account and took the name. Now a year later I can’t remember the email address I used when creating the account. I want the gamertag back, help?

Also the gamertag is no longer on my HDD as I had to reformat it :cry:

Things I’ve tried

I rang up Xbox customer support but they can’t tell me the email because I don’t know any of the info attached to the account because I made it with fake details.

I asked this guy if he could help and…

Open Me

I’ve tried every email address I can remember and checked saved passwords.

well i could of helped you if you forgot your pw, but for email i got no clue, sorry

Have you still got the account on your HDD?

Call MS, say that you know the password but forgot the email. Also if you know the secret question then call them.

you’re pretty much screwed, Microsoft will not do anything for you. my only resolution is to use a jacking method should’nt be hard i would teach you but i will not distribute this

Is it by any chance this method? Oops.

[details=Open Me]Call#1 Call xbox support (Billing) and tell them u want to add a credit card to your account.
They will Ask for your name (Make up 1),
Then they Will ask for gamertag (What ever GT your trying to get),
Then Once they pull it up they will ask u for the name and info on the account,
Tell them "My step mom setup the account, and i dont know what info she used,
hold on im going to go ask her. . . Them once u come back tell them she is going to call back in, in 30 mins to add her credit card,
Once they say “ok we will be waiting for her call”
Ask for a reference Number and tell them "
Could i have a reference # so it can be easier on my mom when she calls in?, Then once he gives u the # end the call.

Call#2 call Xbox (Billing),
You are going to pretend to be a xboxlive customer support agent from Tier 2 Billing.
Once they pick up the phone Say "hello,My names rick im from xbox billing tier 2,
im currently on hold with another customer,
and my tools have crashed, and my supervisor is not here to assist me,
His reference Number is (Reference number from call1),
And He needs to pass base Line verification,
Then ask them What is the information attached to that account… And there u go,
u might have to make a few #2 calls. [/details]

I rang up Xbox customer support but they can’t tell me the email because I don’t know any of the info attached to the account because I made it with fake details, I guess it’s gone forever. Thanks for the replies.

Why not have people file complaint on the gamertag.

How would that help :expressionless:

Cant you file complaint on the gt so it will be deleted and become available , idk im just throwing it out there

Is it still on your Xbox? o.O

If it is still on your hard drive and you are able to sign onto the account, you should be able to view that email info by just viewing your account info on the dashboard.

If i was you i would turn your AV of and download iStealer make a server and then bot your comp to recover all emails and info and stuff saved…

you never know it might be there

But someone has to sign onto the account to pick a new gamertag for GODLY ELLiiOT to become available, but nice idea anyway :expressionless:

Nope, I had to format my HDD a while ago.

no where near. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there not an easier way of finding passwords on my PC? Lol

Not without paying for a tool…

but iSTEALER is pretty easy…

ask if you need some help

not that bad of an idea, but he probably doesnt have a password saved.

but most browsers save emails so if he can find the email he can call ms and get them to solve it :smile:

well hopefully.

Yes true but i don’t believe he remembers any of his info because it was fake. same thing happened to me about a year ago and lost my 4 star halo 3 account lol but no big it is only a 4 star :stuck_out_tongue: