Xbox Live free from July 1st!

Microsoft today announced that for the remainder of the Xbox 360 life cycle access to the Xbox Live Network will come at no cost beginning this July 1st, A gold membership will still be required to access extra features like Facebook, YouTube and Crackle however gameplay will be free for all users bringing the networks offerings on par with the PSN price wise however with the cost now removed this puts the Xbox live network miles ahead of the competition.


I just bought 5 more years of gold. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU MS


You’re really going to trust news from these mother****ers?


April fool

Who the hell buys gold 5 years in advanced?

I checked my date and realized it must be a April Fools joke.

As I just put a 12 Month in on my account yesterday lol

Microsoft is going to stop charging us? lolno

They were $20 each, obviously I’m buying the max amount they would allow me

Allow? I didn’t know there was a limit on how much money you spend… >_>

lol to everyone who thought this was real. lol

Yea the company limited you to 5 per customer and I didn’t want to make a new account

Dude, i’v been up for like 20+ hours and just noticed this is april fools and I thanked the post… :expressionless:

You son of a *****! :cry:

this is total bs its no doubt at all its a april fools prank.

People are so easy to fool.

Some of you honestly thought Microsoft, one of the GREEDIEST companies out there, would do something like this?


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aprilisnotfool LOLOLOLOL!!!

I could see them doing this :stuck_out_tongue:

**** THIS, I just renewed my 1 year subscription this month :confused:
Maybe they should give me “Free” Foxtel.

Where was it that price?

This isn’t a joke, this is just cruel.