"Okay, so it’s 5 AM. I’m just chilling with buddy iTzLuPo. He makes a joke about it capturing mic data and s***. So, I was like… Microsoft sneaky so I’ll take a look, I extract the files off the USB, look at the XEX.

I found out that… yes, It’s capturing “avatar” data, and network data. BUT also:

  • CRC Disc drive data
  • Current Microphone streamings
  • Profile IDs, Games Played, Data, XUID, Achievement Data (Could be MSP, or modded content)
  • Current Screen IO/IOOut Settings
  • Sends All information, of corrupted data re-routed to a MICROSOFT email.
  • Grabs your crashdump.pix, and NAND information (looking for rebooters o.o)

Hey, you agreed to the Terms of Use

“These results are recorded solely for the purpose of testing and improving the service and will not be used to identify you”

The “improvement” is us getting banned/removed. THIS IS WHAT MICROSOFT HAS BEEN WORKING ON o.o

Just thought I’d warn people

Credits- xI cHOcOLaTe and iTzLuPo

Orig post- o.O Xbox LIVE Labs IS A TRAP O.o - Se7enSins Forums

o dang thats really not good but if you just did it on your profile you will may get a profile ban not a console ban…

:confused: MS is unfortunately true

It’s a good thing it’s not in the UK then. :wink:

I doubt it, If they see modified ISO’s it will warrant a console ban. :cry:

Doesn’t mean it’s a trap. The Microsoft points were region free meaning anyone, in any country could’ve used it. They limited these tests to United States, and not the other major countries. Why? Because it’s not a trap. They wouldn’t just ban every modder from just one country. And another thing, the testing program was created before the incident. Showing that they had no real intentions of giving us a ‘trap’.

Im in Canada. They caught me modding 1000 gamerscore :open_mouth:

i agree but they have been getting pissed about modders even before MSP glitch

good thing i modded mine

I think you’ll find that this stuff is just for gathering research for their system, Microsoft have higher priorities then detecting people who avatar mod…

Yeah I agree, most likely for gathering research.

chocolate and lupo? sure is reliable sources in here.

I modded 16 games and havnt been caught.

This was back in 08 :smile:

I read a while ago that Microsoft are gathering people to help make a new console of some sort. If this is all about research, wouldn’t that tie in with each other somehow? O.o

WHat does scanning current consoles and profiles have anything to do with that…

S’not like I would know. Maybe they’re having a look at what you guys get up to? Or most popular stuff, blah blah blah… I could just be talking crap.

Sounds more like paranoia.

I never even downloaded or did anything with the lab thing… so will I still have chance of ban?

Ms needs to gtfo, seriously if they have time, to look tha tyou’ve modded WOOO 1,000 gamerscore or modded avatar, that is just sad

Paranoid kids will be paranoid.