Xbox Live service alert hits Xbox One, Friends lists, Game Invites down

[/img]Here’s what the latest Xbox Live service alert does say: “Xbox members, are you having trouble viewing the online state and activity of other users on your Friends list? As you read this message, we’re doing our best to get things back to normal right away. Thanks for your patience and feel free to check back in 30 minutes for an update.”

The alert may stop you doing one or all of the following while playing games on Xbox 360 and Xbox One: Managing friends lists and tracking what friends are doing

With the release of Minecraft Xbox One today all we can do is blame 4J Studios and Mojang at this time.


It makes sense. According to the game it broke tons of records. I better not get a service alert message when Destiny is released. **** will hit the fan if there is.

I’m getting Minecraft for Xbox one when i get home yayyyyy

No destiny is Crap dont get it ill poop on it get Minecraft for Xbox one

what destiny is crap what do u mean? just wait for minecraft updates for minecraft

Huh? I’m a bit confused at all this babbling. Destiny will be awesome so wait for Destiny mash-up packs for Minecraft.

I think Ronnie is butt hurt because he don’t have a Xbox one

My boy Ronnie has had a One before most of us. He was lucky enough to win One from Ronald McDonald.

Thanks Steve. And yes i do have an xbox one AND a 360.
So umm yeah. Destiny is going to blow every game out of the water. Even… dare i say it…


Get out of here nubs Halo 4 lyfe #420 blaze it

I got the Xbox day one edition

Dude… just shut up.

I’m getting them all just because they are great games! No hate from me just love. Bought Minecraft yesterday and pre-loaded Destiny. Although, I can only take so much of Minecraft at once after buying it three times. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s dedication or I’m just an idiot. Anyway, i can play it one to two hours tops at a time before I get tired of it and have to play something else for a while.