Xbox Live Service Alert

Maybe some of you are facing issues connecting to live like me and are wondering whats going on? Well here you go. Check Here for further updates.

OMG thanks for the update mate this help me :smile:

No Problem.

Bunch of useless monkeys at Microsoft. Already Tweet’d @MajorNelson. They finally launch the update worldwide then the login goes down…

Its like they don’t prepare for this stuff >_>

Its a big clusterF*** . Same thing happened when they released there windows phone updates a month or so back. Some people got it while others were SOL for a while. Nothing makes customers more agro than broken promises. But Im used to it…been a Microsoft fan boy for way to long. Hopefully they fix this “issue” soon.

Damn I have been waiting for this for so long. I’m just going to try before I go to bed.

I’ve been ripping my hair out configuring the Ip’s from my xbox, computer and phone wondering why the F*** I can’t log in, I thought I might look on here for an answer, thank you for opening my eyes to the issue so I can stop stressing it’s on my end -_-

I just downloaded the new dashbard but I can’t connect to the Xbox LIVE.

Just read the OP, it pretty much explain’s your’s, and a-lot of other people’s problem.

god i wish my ps3 was up and running… =l

Thanks microsoft! I don’t play my xbox for 2days then i try to get on and i can’t. I already had the new dash.

I hope microsoft fixs this soon, I want to play MW3! Guess il keep watching netflix on my PS3.

I’m tired of this dump, We got no FOOD… We got no MONEY… ARE XBOX LIVE ISN"T WORKING!!!

Alright please help me. This service alert thing is starting to worry me. It signed me out of xbox live and told me to go to alert so I did and its coming up as Runtime Error. Help please?

This thread is from 4 months ago so most likely was a different issue… If its still happening to you just contact Xbox Live support because they will know a lot more then we do…