Xbox Live Status Currently Down And Limited

[/img]Microsoft is reporting problems with its login servers across all Xbox devices.

Users are reporting issues signing in to the service, while browsing the online stores is also proving problematic for some.

According to Paradiger a new hacker group calling themselves “TeamBudyBear” have been claiming on their twitter account to have taken down Xbox Live.

They said:

“We’re doing these attacks to show everyone how bad big company’s care about security. We as teenagers know how to fix their servers. Pathetic.”

It looks like they’re taking down Xbox Live to prove a point. This is a similar reason as to why Lizard Squad did what they did last year.


Just a bunch of losers who think it will make the E-**** big.

4/20 is ruined for everyone. No XBL. pls help.

Seriously, though, I feel like we have to kill off the majority of kids under 16 now a days because they think they’re top **** with Shell Booters. Anyone can overflow a server or a company, get over yourselves. This isn’t even about security.

How to be a leet hacker group

  1. make a Twitter account with an animal + squad as the name
  2. go to HF and purchase a booter
  3. ???
  4. u r now master haxor

hmmm this for 360 or both i’m playing Dark Souls 2 on X1 and its fine…but yay more wanna-be’s screwing stings up

Aww. Now we can’t be high as a kite and play Xbox at the same time now. Way to go, no-life teens!