Xbox live stealth?

So I’m thinking about maybe paying to get my RGH online. Can someone tell me how it works? Is it just simply changing kv and adding files?

It’s a DashLaunch plugin that makes the necessary modifications to the system to let you online.

You have to put that on, flash an unbanned KV, and that’s all.

So just move the plug in they send into dash launch plug in section.

How do I flash an unbanned kv? Through xell?

I just use Flash Tool to replace it and then flash the new image.

Right okay. Doesn’t sound too complicated to do. Once I do it I will host lobbies for people on here

Just to let you know there is several reports that MS is banning all consoles on your IP. So you need to decide if it is worth $200 a week then another $250 for a new retail console. Also why are you going to waste money to go online to host lobbies?

Simple solution, piggyback a neighbors IP

Good point. I have two retail xboxs connected also.

I was doing xp lobbies but more people wanted challenge lobbies. So I said if they pay and I get $75 I will host for them.

Sometimes you can simply ask your ISP to give a new IP or you might get lucky if you just unplug your modem for a couple hours.

I read you can change your mac address on all xboxs so they don’t get picked up if my xbox got banned?

This ^

To get around this you’ll need todo 3 things:

  1. Change the MAC address of your router
    2: Use a VPN to change your external IP address
  2. Don’t use any profiles that you have signed in with on your retail console.

The chances of your other consoles being banned have basically been cut to 0.

I would suggest not paying for XBLS either. In the coming weeks, a cheaper service will likely be introduced.

Is this a fact or are you assuming? I’d rather pay with my own money its people donating to get into lobbies that are paying.

Yes it’s a fact. If you cannot wait then go with XBLS. They are a reliable service, just overpriced.

Don’t waist ure money trust me on this you won’t make any profit if that’s what ure looking on doing and you basically pay 75 a day not including kv to go online. Also if you don’t know how to flash a kv research and en double check cause you only have one shot at putting it in. If you put it in wrong you will be greated wiith a swift ban to the ass and be out 20$ or so. Also don’t use the bo2 tool that was released just a heads up it will ban you.

From hosting my other retail console got banned, I’d be careful.

People always say they will donate to get in but unless you have the money in hand as of now you more than likely wont get it. Also you will have to buy multiple kv assuming they still only last 4-5 hours. But they aren’t very expensive anymore(I think around $10 each)

I really don’t fancy paying to get myself banned. I can wait lol

I always get paid before doing anything.

This is correct. KVs last about 3 days if you just sit on the dashboard. Any type of unsigned code being executed will reduce that time.

Just a heads up: the newer CoDs have checks in place that will flag your console if you edit certain DVARs. That’s why some of these publicly released tools are getting users banned.

Yeah I don’t want to risk myself or anyone else getting banned from cod. I mainly use my rgh for offline use anyway

How is it a fact if there still hasn’t been any proof shown?