Xbox one and Ps4 solid gold, well, someone had fun

Basically an Italian jeweler designed two cases, made out of pure gold for PS4 and Xbox One. I could see being a gold plated xbox for 1000 dollars, but 13,600 for pure gold casing. I know one thing for sure, one h*ll of a fight to get a new one for free when red ring of death happens. lol. :wink:

What do you think, you want to shell out the extra money for it or can you hold off. I know I don’t have the money. Though if I did, I think I would get the gold just because it looks really cool.

I think it looks pretty cool. If I had 14 grand spare I’d buy it

Buying one of those is just asking for someone to break into your house and steal it or getting robbed at gun point for it. They do look nice though.

What a waste of precious chemicals and metal…

What a waste of precious chemicals and metal Umm, okay. Not really a waste if you think about it, I’d rather gold go into this than on someone’s figure to be buried in the ground 80 years later. This would be buried in ground after 10 years or sold to another person after depreciation. lol.

I think it would have been wiser for gold plating IMO.

This is for rich die hard gamers. That guy pewdipie can afford it.