Xbox One boss on Halo 5 multiplayer: No team is more focused than 343

[/img]Last year, Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched and while fans enjoyed getting the chance to relive the series’ origins, the game’s multiplayer experience was less than ideal. 343 Industries took to heart the things that transpired last year and seem to have a renewed sense of focus with Halo 5: Guardians’ multiplayer.

Multiplayer has always been such an important part of the Halo experience and so when it has a slip up, it becomes a big problem because of said importance. Microsoft and 343 have learned from the things that happened last year and hope to inject them into this year’s title, resulting in a smooth launch.

It can always be difficult for developers to try and mimic the type of environment they’ll actually see come launch, but 343 Industries is focused on redeeming themselves this year. Xbox One boss Phil Spencer recently spoke about the work that 343 is doing on Halo 5’s multiplayer.

"I know that of all of our teams, no team at their core feels the need to hit a great launch from a multiplayer and connection issues more than 343. That team took the issues around the launch of Master Chief Collection, it kind of hit them in the heart, because it’s Halo Nation. It’s the people who love these past Halo games.

“I just know every time I’ve been down to 343, it’s the first thing that they want to talk about is how they’re doing with multiplayer and the robustness that we mentioned. No team is focused on it more than 343. The planning and process teams have gone through has been great, and I’m confident in how it will launch based on the results that we’re seeing,” Spencer told GameSpot.

Halo 5’s experience is largely based around the campaign and multiplayer, so when one of those areas trips up, it can be difficult for the situation not to become serious. The multiplayer beta that Microsoft held during the beginning of this year surely helped 343 get some sort of idea for how servers will react to a high amount of traffic, but there really is nothing that can mimic launch traffic, except for launch itself.

343 Industries has made Halo their own and this year’s iteration could be their crowning achievement with the franchise. Will Halo 5 turn out to be the vision 343 has in mind? We’ll find out come Oct. 27 when Guardians launches exclusively on Xbox One.


probably cause the last one was ****

rofl “less than ideal” is an understatement, unplayable would be the word i’d use.

Personally, similar to what Ace Ryder said, I feel as if the only reason they care how this game releases is because the last one was clowned on by all who played and reviewed it. With the Master Chief Collection having been released last November I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t worried for this new game…

…I enjoyed the beta, besides the time it took to find a match, but it was new.

I think Halo should just end where it is. 343 is ruining it.

Honestly, I don’t want to see the series end, but I do believe it should be run by the company that brought us it in the first place. I mean who other then the creators could tell the story better? (Very rarely do you ever see remakes out do the original.)

Bungie made no bad Halo. Every Halo by Bungie was great. 343 has only made **** ones. Reach was OK, because Bungie DID have a hand in it.

Agreed, but we’ll never see Bungie on a Halo title because of Microsoft so I guess we’ll just have to see them and 343i run the game into the cold, hard ground.

tears up a little

Lmao at the multiplayer issues being a “Slip Up”, It’s more like throwing a hot dog down a hall way.

Bla bla bla another bad Halo game by 343