Xbox One Burnt Games?

Just wanted to get some opinions, do you guys think we will see any way of burning games on the new system? I’m hoping c4eva can reverse engineer this baby!

Sooner or later we will be able to since MS got rid of the DRM. I’m not looking forward to downloading 50gb though for a game

blu-ray cd’s are more expensive D: damn it

It’ll be a b*tch to burn them because of the game size, but it’ll be do-able sooner or later. Give it a year or 2.

If nothing new is in the way it shouldn’t be to hard compared to now,

I reckon it won’t be until at least 6 months after release at a minimum.

Thinking burning games is old now. Guessing they will do what they did with the ps3 compress a 50gb game to 20gb and then just use the xkey to play it. Seems the cheapest way :smile:

I think a JTAG / Jailbreak exploit is more likely to happen than the optical drive being tampered with, but still it would be great to flash next gen console drives even if it wouldn’t be as practical as this generation

With the PS3 now having an ODDE, it’ll only be a matter of time before the ONE gets one. (Only saying this because they’re both blu-ray)