Xbox One Controller Issues

So I’ve searched up some ways to fix the controllers and they’re fairly easy but its a pain in the ass, the second you fix one thing something else breaks.

My Day One Edition controller started off with the left trigger getting something stuck behind it and jams up. Took it apart and removed piece of plastic that was getting stuck. After that the left stick started acting up, haven’t yet fixed that but just the other day I noticed my d-pad hits twice and my a button doesn’t register if I hold it down for more than 5seconds.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “this dude just doesn’t take care of his ■■■■” but I honestly do. I have two other controllers. A regular black one (also has d-pad double hit problem) and a armed forces controller with 3mm jack.

I’m just wondering if its just me and shitty luck or if I’m not alone. When I first got my hands on the controllers i fell in love cause I do find them superior to any other one. But lately the lack of dependability has really gotten to me.

And don’t get me started on the faulty micro USB slot :unamused:

I’ve had my controller for a couple weeks and haven’t noticed any issues. But I’ve heard of people having issues with the d-pad.

Have you thought about buying the ‘Elite’ controller?

As much as I would love to drop $150 for the elite I have to pass. So far I haven’t had a problem with the newer controller with the 3mm headphone jack and I’m hoping it stays that way but It sucks that if I have a buddy stop by to play anything they’re stuck with having to deal with a handicap because of a thumb stick drifting or d-pad issue :confused:

But yeah, its a big problem with the left thumbstick on the original x1 controllers. Here’s what happens,

I have the elite controller and personally love it. It took me a little while to get used to but being able to jump and shoot without throwing off my aim is amazing perk.

My controller triggers get stuck all the time. Gets fairly annoying, I used compressed air and tried blowing out any dust that might be in there.