Xbox One Elite bundle with 1TB hard drive coming this November

[/img]This November 3rd, Microsoft is releasing the Xbox One Elite bundle with a 1TB hard drive. The bundle is already available to pre-order with a price set at $499.

The Elite bundle includes the Elite Wireless Controller and a matte finish Xbox One with a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive that “optimizes system performance so you can get to the action up to 20 percent faster from energy-saving mode.”


Anyone actually getting this new Controller? I mean, I replaced my two thumb stick with Aluminium ones for less than £3 and that has done what I wanted to get the Elite controller for, Endurance.

I was thinking about getting the new controller but I don’t really think I want to drop 150 on it. I would like to have a newer controller with the old jack on it though so I can use my 360 headset again without a adapter.

This is a great move by Microsoft. I can see my store selling a lot of these, even with the 499.99 price point. Putting in the value of the elite controller and an sshd will definitely make it more desirable.