Xbox One Evolve Alpha Bata Giveaway

OK guy this is my first give away so i hope this go’s well this is for the up comming Xbox one Game Elvolve.

Evolve Big Alpha - just a taste of the 4v1 action you’ll get when Evolve releases on February 10th. Features and content have been limited to what is currently public. The full product includes multiple game modes, more Hunters, maps and a third Monster which will be revealed in the coming months. You may experience unexpected bugs, but by participating you’re actively helping us improve the overall quality of the final game.

Big Alpha begins Thursday, October 30th at 9AM PDT exclusively on Xbox One and ends Sunday, November 2nd at 10PM PDT.
For the latest news on Evolve, or for more information on Big Alpha, visit

With this being said as my first giveaway and hope things go smooth and give people fair chances rules for entry:

  1. Must Have Diamond
  2. Anyone willing to try and win
  3. Pick a number from 1-500(post in thread) :thumbsup:
  5. I will Give winner PM and in the Post so stay Tuned
  6. Contest entry end date will be Oct 30th, 2014

I love cake!
My Guess: 499

Thanks for the giveaway Shockwave!

271 :sunglasses:

Thanks for the giveaway! :smiley:

250 .

316 is my # & I love red velvet cake so! <3

lol i had two codes so thought about the webpage good luck to all :thumbsup: and this game is IMO really good


  1. If I don’t win you’re getting banned.

No pressure.


I just got a code from Xbox live and a second code via my email, I’m downloading it currently. I’m waiting for my friend to get on so I can give him the other code :smile: