Xbox One Game Sharing?

can someone explain this to me. My friend and I are upgrading to one’s in the next few days (mines already been ordered) and wondering if the Xbox one has to be in the same household as the other for it to work? Or if he has it at his house and one at mine can we still do game sharing?

The way that game sharing works is that it takes advantage of the Dual License that comes with each purchase of a Digital Game. If I buy a game, I get an Xbox License for my Home Xbox and a User License for my Gamertag.

When I set my Home Xbox to a friends Xbox One, he then gets the Xbox License for as long as that is my Home Xbox. He can then play all the games I purchase because the Xbox License allows all people to play games on my Home Xbox (his Xbox One). I then can play games using the User License on an away system, one that isn’t my Home Xbox (my Xbox One). You are taking advantage of the Dual License. So if he makes your Xbox One his Home Xbox, you effectively use all 4 licenses and it allows you to share games.

You can only set your Home Xbox 3 times per year so be careful. You can possibly end up with someone else’s Xbox One as your Home Xbox for a whole year. This means that anything you buy can only be played by you on your Xbox One since he has the Xbox License. Anyone else on your Xbox One can’t play your games unless you are signed in.

Found from another forum, should explain it all

To add on to the above…

If your account is in good standing and you hit your 3 time cap, then you can call up Microsoft and they will reset it for you.
At one point I had to to a full factory reset on my X1, and then I used the Home Xbox option which I didn’t think had a cap at the time. Using after the factory reset (when I also did it after purchasing my X1) and then using it counted as my second time. I then let a friend of mine use my account to set for his Xbox to use up until another friend got an X1. Then, once I let the other person get on my account to go through the whole Home Xbox thing, it was then that I found out there was a cap.

I called up Xbox, I was honest with them with what I was doing, and then they reset the countdown for me. They told me that it was a combination of me never asking for a refund before (at that time anyways) and for having my account in good standing that they could reset it.

So in other words, I set my home console to his console and his home console to my console, that way when either of us buys something, the other has it?

As soon as one of you makes a purchase it will automatically start downloading on the other console, too.
Even if it is something free.

Just to be clear, you can’t share physical copies, only digital.

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