Xbox one glitch?

I can play my Battlefield 4 without my disk, has this happened to anyone else?

Report the glitch microsoft might give you something. OR you could exploit it. Did this only happen once?

Are you game sharing with someone who had the digital version of it? If so then yeah you don’t need the disc

This is the first time it happened to me I was snapped on the party and I clicked on my friends name to join his game. And it just started to play BF 4 & it didn’t tell me to put my disk in.

And also no I’m not game sharing with anyone who has it digital.

I would report it to microsoft. You may get something for it, or you could exploit it for your won personal gain.

I have a few theories:

  1. Someone bought it digitally on another account on your Xbox
  2. Someone in your house pulled a sneaky-sneaky and bought it digitally on your account
  3. a ghost

Bloody ghosts i tell you.

Has anyone had anything free from Microsoft? I turned on my Xbox one day and it popped up saying I had the Titanfall season pass. This is on my new account that had no payment method on it. My old account that was on it DID NOT have the Titanfall season pass.

Must be a ghost & also this continued to work until I turned off my xbox. Now it’s telling me to use my disk again :anguished:

xbox and getting something free. come on…

I had this once with Titanfall but it has never happened again.

Was gonna suggest if you or someone one your box got the EA Access that might do it as well…

I’ve gotten 800 MSP for asking them about Fable 3 being free and the person chalking it up to a bug, so you never know what you may get.

(I didn’t entirely know what was going on, and was just asking them after they helped me with some problem)

Seems like a few game companies give you compensation if they can’t fix your problem. I was talking to EA support the other day about a problem with an in game code, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong so in the the end they gave me 3 packs for PvZ Garden Warfare.