Xbox One HDMI Port

I’ve had an xbox one for under a year and I elbowed it off my desk… the faceplate came off and the sticker in the back got ****ed up, it worked fine when I put it back together so I didn’t think much of it but a couple months pass and for a week I was switching the hdmi cable in and out constantly and the hdmi just output a black screen. I troubleshoot what I can and end up figuring out that its not the cable but the port on the xbox one itself. So I send it in with my warranty and turns out I ****ing voided it when I elbowed it off my desk.
long story short my hdmi port is broken and I want to know would it be easier to find a third-party to fix it or open it up and see what I can do (oldtimer stuff eh?).

I don’t have an X1 so my experience with them is zero, but have you tried wiggling the cable around while it’s plugged in? You might get a connection. I’ve had ports come loose before, and this was a temporary fix

If you have good soldering skills I’d imagine it’d be just like the 360, only problem is you have to find another bad xbox one

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Hey now, no need for that :anguished: anyway, yea… just find a local repair shop? I’m sure a local tech shop could fix it.