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XBOX ONE – How To Install A Bigger Hard Drive!



I think ill just use my external Seagate 2T when ever they start allowing it to be done like they were saying at E3 So Faithfully lol…


Excellent text and video tutorial man, great work!


I can’t believe I have just seen this for the first time… Where have I been. I shall do this next week when I get paid.


Okay firstly, how are people supposed to learn what to do when no ones telling them how to do what they want to do?
Secondly, I know I for one would hate looking up how to do something, then having to look up how to do something else on a completely different website, why not just have it in one?
Thirdly, that 3Rd step wasn’t very clear, I read it as he was asking you to create the script, it should’ve been worded “but It will write a file with commands.”

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As if 500gb wasn’t enough lol, what are people downloading abunch of p0rn onto their xbox ones? :laughing:


If I’m not mistaken, games have to be installed (or partly installed? I’m not sure, I don’t own an xbone) on the hard drive, if you’re someone who likes to play allot of games then that can fill up pretty quickly.

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Yea true each game you get is like 6gb, and if you buy it off the xbl store its about 12gb :/, but still 10 games is 120gb, there’s barley even 10 xbox one games out so this seems a little premature.


6gb?!? Try again lol… Every game on the one is like 40gb is size, updates range from 1gb to the infamous 15gb dead rising. Your hdd fills up extremely quick since a game and dlc or uodates is usually around 50ish gb.

Thing is, you never have to delete anything since it supposesbly manages all your data for you and gets rid of old data you don’t need. Not sure how it works, but assuming it just deletes old games off hdd, since some games I recently play I can select and choose uninstall, but games I haven’t played in a week or two I don’t have uninstall option.

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Yeah, but that’s the scary thing. I haven’t played my Xbox One for around two weeks, will it have uninstalled all my games and since “they haven’t been played recently”…


I’m going to say yes, but at the same time it doesn’t make you redownload all the updates or anything… It’s as if it’s super compressed and hidden either on the HDD or the cloud. I’m not sure how the HDD crap works, and I don’t think very many people do. But I have found that if I don’t play a game it doesn’t show me uninstall option until I play it again.


Hmm, that’s good to know. I’m getting a game I rented in the mail tomorrow so I will play again but it would suck if I had to reinstall my games to ply them if I wanted to… can’t wait for HDD support updates.


Oh **** are you serious? I just bought need for speed rivals from the market place and it was only 12gb, maybe its a smaller game though. I wish they made it so you could at least check the HDD and see how much storage you have left, but if its really 40gb then 500 is definatly not enough.


I definitely need to get more space :slight_smile:


Second on that I have like 150


Need for Speed was little over 15GB with I believe a half gig update?
As you can see, CoD, for example, was 39.5 Gigs.


And dead rising 3 is 20gb and with a 5gb update and the second one is 15gb


You dont know if the Updates stack up or overwrite each other.
You also dont know if the whole Game gets installed or parts of it (like on the 360).

You should get the point :wink:


Its definitely not the full update, the DR3 13GB update started at 95% when i downloaded it. No way it downloaded 13GB over 5% :laughing:


I just thing that % bar isn’t accurate. Most of my downloads start around 95% then hang for a bit.