Xbox one makes you install games?

Is there anyway to play a game on xbox one without installing it? I know that I should know this because I have a day one edition console, which is garbage by the way.

My xbox wont let me start partys sometimes, or join partys, or install or even play a game, so I have to unplug my cord from the wall and from the back of the console and wait for the light on the power brick to turn off which “resets” the xbox. And this is a pain in the butt cuz I have to do it like 2 times a day sometimes, I think it is because I have the day one edition and it is buggy. I am thinking of either buying the advanced warfare xbox one or possibly getting a PS4.

Anyways back to my original question, do I have to install games to play them? Thanks

No, and stop complaining just switch from the console.

No I cant play a game without installing it or no I don’t have to install games to play them? You did not really answer my question, but thanks for being a d o u c h e!

Sorry about that, but no, you cannot play games without having to install them. Microsoft and Sony did that to make the games run smoother.

Also to reset the cache you can just hold down the Xbox button on the console for a few seconds. Don’t need to unplug it every time. I’d also contact Microsoft about that if you’re so annoyed. Yes they need to be installed, only takes a few minutes to be able to start playing it…

I remember changing my time zone and I wasn’t able to play games. I reset the cache and reset my Xbox to factory mode. It worked. So I changed my time zone again and the problem occurred. So when I changed mg time one back to the original, my games worked. Don’t know why my time zone messed up my games.

Clearly answered your question in my first response which was no “Is there anyway to play a game on xbox one without installing it?”

Thanks for being immature about the situation. :confused:

nope it has to be installed to play