Xbox One - Minecraft Is Out

Not sure how long it has been out for but I just started downloading it.

I don’t see anything different except the world increase.

Its not even friday for us yet.

Not even friday for us either… it’s out i am playing it right now.

How much is it?

downloaded and about to play

20 if you dont own the 360 version. 5 if you do own the 360 version.

I own the 360 version and it still says 19.99 for me?

Do you actually own it or did you license transfer somebody to get it?

I actually own it.

Disc or digital download?

digital download

If it is still showing as being 19.99 on both the xbox one dashboard and the xbox one smartglass application then you need to contact xbox customer support.

I only have the dashboard, I dont have a smartglass, it still says 19.99. I guess its time to talk to my long time friend Microsoft.

Anyone know if you yet the discounted price if you own the disc version?

I think you need the digital because Microsoft could think that you’re using a borrowed copy.

I saw it on Xbox One market place under “New Releases” last night. Bought it in the afternoon
and OMFG it’s amazing to have Minecraft on next generation!

To get your save from Xbox 360 Minecraft, you have to go on Xbox 360 and upload your save to
"Xbox One storage" on the Minecraft game on Xbox 360.