Xbox one modding

so i came across the cronusmax plus when searching and since i believe you can run scripts on this (macros) my idea was that with this being a similar idea to bots in other online games such as runescape instead of hacking gamerscore would the cronusmax be able to be scripted to finish campaigns and other achievements if instructed whilst you idle so perhaps you could flawlessly complete tasks in games you would normally struggle with hence giving you difficult achievements rather than hacking which to my understanding isnt possible
i would really love to hear some replies on this as i think this could be the future of modding an xbox one game.

I doubt it runs scripts. It is possible to make something like you want though. A crude way would be soldering wires to a xbox one controller and using a microcontroller to “push” the buttons and joysticks. Or with other words, replacing the physical switches with electrical switches. The tech has been here for around ~40 years I think.

Just seems like a lot of work and lag might mess up the timing.

It wouldn’t work. Most bots either grab data directly from memory or scan pixels to find known items, paths, ect. You can make a script to make you walk forward but it wouldn’t know what to attack, jump, run, ect.