Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 last month, according to analyst

[/img]Give gamers a good deal, and they might show up to buy your new console. That’s what Microsoft is learning.

The Xbox One sold better than the PlayStation 4 in September, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter. He is estimating that Microsoft sold 325,000 new Xbox Ones at U.S. retailers last month while Sony sold 250,000 PS4s. This is notable because Sony’s system has sold better than Microsoft’s in nearly every month since each gaming device launched in November. September is also when Activision launched its blockbuster sci-fi shooter Destiny, which Sony helped market as a PS4 game even though it is also available on Xbox One and the older systems. Both corporations are locked in a battle in the console-gaming sector, which is worth billions of dollars in the U.S. alone.

“We expect Xbox One sales to exceed those of the PS4 for only the second month since launch,” Pachter said in a note to investors.

These Wedbush numbers are just a prediction, and we should learn if they are accurate this Thursday when industry-tracking firm The NPD Group reveals its sales data for the month of September.

If they do hold out, it’s pretty clear how Xbox One bested the PS4 despite Sony’s momentum and Destiny: Microsoft made an appeal to gamers’ wallets.

“From Sept. 7 through [Sept.] 13, Microsoft offered a free game with the purchase of a new Xbox One at participating retailers,” said Pachter.

That is the same week that Destiny launched, and it also closely coincided with the debut of a $400 Xbox One bundle that comes with the football sim Madden NFL 15. So during that week, savvy gamers could get a new Xbox One and two highly anticipated games for $400. Meanwhile, to get the PS4 bundled with Destiny, the same customer would need to spend $450.

“I kind of think that free Destiny [on Xbox One] was better than [paying] for Destiny on PS4,” Pacther told GamesBeat. He also noted the appeal of the Madden bundle. “That’s pretty compelling.”


Im telling you now ps4 was winning in the beginning but its over xbox one will triumph in the end especially with halo coming out and then eventually gears I CANT WAIT!!!

Does anyone other than MS and Sony actually care about sales?

I feel as though the reason why xbox one didn’t outsell the ps4 during the launch was because it was $500. Now that the Xbox one is only $400 it should be selling better.

While it’s $100 less they also removed the Kinect to offer it at that $400 price tag. I feel we’ve all realized by now that the majority of gamers just didn’t want Kinect, and felt they were being forced to pay for it. Now that it’s optional I’m sure sales will continue to rise. I guess you could say the Kinect was a monkey on One’s back that many just didn’t want any part of.

Another reason is that they are also selling the xbox one in other countries finally other than the origianl 13 launch countries.

They created a brand and didn’t stand by it. Kinect should have just been voice but no they tried to make it both voice and visual. I’d rather an advanced microphone in the controller so that it doesn’t distract whilst playing. Xbox deserves whatever sales it gets from the way they sprung Kinect into a market that the Wii already made a party feature. Voice commands on a controller with fluidity would be much more of an incentive to buy an Xbox for those that didn’t support Kinect. I love voice commands. But I never use Kinect for anything other than voice commands. The visual component is shockingly underestablished. It’s good for Kinect sports but apart from that. It’s pretty crap. Even if it was a special glove you put on to control the Xbox that would have been a cool thing to see. All possibilities that we as Xbox supporters have to agree on that they’ll never stick to an outside of the box idea. Microsoft y u no market research.