Xbox one question

Is horizon able to mod xbox one yet?

Nope, I don’t think so.

It’s mostly an Xbox 360 modding tool. In future, it might be possible, imo.

Btw, I’ve never used HORIZON before, so I could be wrong as well. Others might have a better answer, who have been using HORIZON for modding.

You’re correct. Modding on the Xbox One is still not possible. Horizon only works for Xbox 360 currently.

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The closest you will get to modding an Xbox One is by using modded 360 game saves for any of the backwards compatible games.


CHEEVOTRON is right as of now cause I’ve been using modded 360 transfer saves for awhile now and haven’t been banned yet and with saying that there’s many tut sites out there to help you figure out to do that.

I used it on Xbox one to change gamesaves ids.

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