Xbox One quick chargers

Hi, I was wondering what the best quick charger battery’s are?
Like :
Most game play hours, fastest charge time

Please post your opinions! :smile:


Example :

The xbox one official quick charge kit
it takes 4 hours to fully load.
but I can’t find game play hours, and I was wondering is this the best quick charger ther is at the market atm?

It is cheaper to buy and use the official play n’ charge kit. Your other options would be to invest in a rechargeable battery set like Duracell or Energiser but these are more costly.

Can’t you just use the controller while it is charging with the play n’ charge kit cable connected?

yes, its possible to play while charging the play n charge kit from xbox one

So what is the problem then? I just charge mine while playing then play until it dies and repeat… If you go rechargeable batteries like Troy stated you could have four and swap them out as they die.