Xbox One’s Official Over-the-Air Tuner Available Today

[/img]Cable cutters in the U.S. and Canada rejoice, the Xbox One has finally received its planned over-the-air tuner so owners can watch TV even if they don’t pay for cable.

The tuner is available for $59.99 by itself if you want to buy an antenna separately or already own one, but Microsoft is also offering a bundle for $99.99 that includes an antenna as well saving customers about $30.

Now if you don’t know what channels you’ll be able to get in your area, Mohu has a site set up specifically for Xbox One owners to input their addresses and see what stations they’ll be able to receive.

If you’re interested in the bundle, you’ll want to only check what channels you’ll get using their Leaf 50 antenna as that’s the one included in the bundle.

When watching TV using the tuner you’ll also be able to pause live TV for 30 minutes, snap it to the side while playing games, and stream it to compatible devices using the Smartglass app.