Xbox One Screen Capture Feature Doesn’t Compress Pictures

[/img]Just a few days ago Microsoft revealed some upcoming features for the Xbox One in the March update. The new update which is already available to members of the preview program, contains the awaited screen capture functionality.

Now, many of those preview program members have started sharing their in-game shots on NeoGaf and other websites. What’s really amazing is that these shots are not compressed in any way and are uploaded in their native resolution. Moreover, preview program members say that the Xbox One saves screenshots in PNG format.

Not compressing images is a significant feature for the console and one that not many were expecting. Sony’s PlayStation 4 on the other hand compresses images while uploading which notably downgrades the quality.

Microsoft took more than a year to introduce this feature but as it turns out, it was worth the wait. Users of the Xbox One can take screenshots by double tapping the home button and pressing Y to save.

The feature will roll-out to public sometime next month. March update will also make some adjustments to the Upload app to accommodate screen capture functionality and for easier management of videos and screenshots.

Microsoft is also adding a new suggested friends section which will show people you may know, similar to Facebook. Some changes are also made to how you share your real name with others.


Why should it compress? It’s a screenshot it should be exactly that.

Awesome news.

Meh. A PS4 records your gameplay. If something happens that you would like to save, you can do so by pressing a couple buttons. If the video is not saved, it is discarded. Amazing feature. Eliminates the need of a dvr

Xbox One can do the exact same thing.