Xbox One Serious Issues

Hello, HorizonMB

Lately I have been having serious issues with my console, I have contacted Microsoft support, but it still does not solve the issue. The problem is, whenever I try to download things, it does fine, until it sometimes downloads what appears to be corrupt DLC. Just now, I was download Black Ops 3, it got to about 60%, than stated to download the DLC, when it got to The Giant DLC, it would not download, and said Queued… I had to hard restart my console, and when I came back on Black Ops 3 was no longer in my Queue, but when I went to My Games and Apps, it said it was Queued. Now I click ‘Install Now’ and nothing happens. Anyone else have this issue, any tips?
This has happened to Destiny The Taken King when I try to install the Suros Weapon Pack. But much worse, I can’t even download anything when that happens, plus everything I try to open says “App…Has taken too long to load”.

It happened to my sons when he tryed to install destiny and all i done was remove his account
and deleted taken king and put the account back on and installed destiny and taken king and
it worked so am thinking it might of been his account.

Hope this helps i no its not much to go on

I had similar problems with The Witcher 3 on both the game and DLC.
What i did to fix it was to uninstall the game and all DLC.
Then i was clearing the cache and next time i downloaded the game it went fine.