Xbox One update with voice messaging and improved party chat released

[/img]All Xbox One users can now send voice messages to their peers, as Microsoft has released its May system update for the console.

The update, which has been in testing with update preview members since late March, also brings improvements to the console’s party chat function, as detailed in a post on Microsoft’s official Xbox Wire website. With the update, dedicated servers will now be used for party chats, which will alleviate problems some Xbox Live users faced because of NAT issues.

Other changes and improvements include the ability to turn off a console via the Xbox One SmartGlass app as well as the addition of a choice screen featuring energy-saving options upon initial setup of an Xbox One console.

The May update for Xbox One is now rolling out to all consoles.


holy **** finally

Lol right! It’s good to see voice messaging back. Also none of this is worth anything if they can’t keep their services up. I don’t get on as much as I used to but when I do it always says I have 0 friends online.

God finally now give me to option to remove some of the tabs i dont use and let me make my home screen they way i want and put them where i want them and that be great